Creating a Digital Learning Platform From the Ground Up

Kids Discover Online


Kids Discover came to Andculture with decades of success selling educational content or kids directly into the home via its iconic magazine. Thriving on a subscription print model gets more difficult every day, and leadership at Kids Discover had rightly realized it needed to change course. The direction to me and the rest of my team was to figure out how to use the assets the company already had to create a business selling content to schools.


We completed the project in four phases, each contingent on Kids Discover valuing the work of the one prior. First, my team and I did eight weeks of business model research, attending education conferences, interviewing teachers from around the country and building an understanding of how schools bought content and how much they paid for it.

Next, we spent another eight weeks in classrooms all over the northeast, observing classrooms to see how they integrated technology and 3rd party content into lessons. This allowed us to design a feature set that we felt would resonate and fill a gap in the market. I worked with a visual designer to turn my detailed vision for the interface into a beautiful product that would delight children and that teachers would find easy to use. Finally, I oversaw and project managed the development of the product, including content buildout and designed and executed a beta testing protocol.

The project was as rewarding as any work I've ever completed. It was, in many ways, a model for how projects like this should run, and the outcome is a product of which I'm extremely proud.